Vulnerabilities and Threats

The more complex an IT system is, the less assurance it provides. More complexity means more areas where vulnerabilities exist and that they must be secured against security threats. More vulnerabilities and more threats mean that any security provided by the system is less trustworthy.

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Security Assessment and Testing

The cornerstone maintenance activity for an information security team is their security assessment and testing program. This program includes tests, assessments, and audits that regularly verify that an organisation has adequate security controls and that those security controls are functioning properly and effectively safeguarding information assets.

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Preventing and Responding to Incidents

One of the primary goals of any security program is to prevent security incidents. However, despite the best efforts of Information Technology (IT) and security professionals, Cyber incidents do occur. When they happen, an organisation must be able to respond to limit or contain the incident.

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Flying High in the Cyber Security Space

Cyberteam Security Professionals have been engaged to secure global IT systems for more than 25 years, in over 50 countries e.g. UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Providing security services to Banking and FinTech trading systems, UK government benefit payments systems, airline ticket clearing systems, weather prediction systems, logistics, insurance, web portals, telecommunications, Petro-Chem, Utilities, Leisure to name but a few..."

Cyberteam Security Services for you

Security Scanning

Our Cyberteam penetration testing engagements perform deliberate 'White Hat' attacks performed under strict conditions by authorised parties to locate security weaknesses.

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Application Analysis

Our Cyberteam application security testing analysis, includes both static and dynamic methods to locate security issues with Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile
and Web Apps.

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Cloud Migrations

Our Cyberteam datacentre to Cloud Migrations, will move your suitable on-premise IT systems, applications and data into lower overall cost OPEX based cloud infrastructure.

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AWS Cloud Solutions

Our Cyberteam AWS Security Solutions, will deliver confidentiality, integrity and availability for all your IT Systems, with enterprise level security and resilience.

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A personal message from David our Cyberteam CISO

Picture of David Dawkins the Cyberteam Security CISO

"I would like to say a big thank you to all the many Cyberteam Security Services clients and all their teams, who have given the team and myself the chance to assist them in securing their on-premise and cloud IT systems and applications over the last 20 plus years. For me it's been a real honour to know each and every person at every company that we've helped, giving us the depth of security experience needed in today's online world."







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